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Do something lively!

Last week, I wanted to download a bunch of pictures from a Pleroma account. I didn’t want to download all of them manually so I tried to use gallery-dl.

Sadly, it doesn’t officially support Pleroma. So, I tweaked the Mastodon extractor with the following configuration file located at ~/.config/gallery-dl/config.json.

        "base-directory": "./",
            "": "add '' as recognized pleroma instance",
            "": {
                "root": ""
            "directory": ["pleroma", "{instance}", "{account[username]!l}"],
            "filename" : "{id}_{media[id]}.{extension}"

Then, I ran gallery-dl on an account.


And it worked! I could now download all images posted by a Pleroma account. You can obviously change the base directory and the instance to something else.

See you again, have a nice day!